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Meet The Chef


Welcome to Royal Oxen Kitchen!

I'm Viet, proudly born and raised in the Bay Area, California.

Growing up, fine dining was never an option for our family, so sitting in a restaurant was quite a luxury. As I got older, I began to try different foods from around the world, and explored new techniques of cooking. And now I want to share my journey with you!

Food is so universal - it is the language that everyone understands. It has become the center of social gatherings, and now appreciated more than ever.


From comforting home cooked dishes to a culinary fine dining experience, 

let's find a reason to celebrate!


Hey foodie!

Beef Steak

Premium Meat

Our popular menus always include Japanese and Australian wagyu, or foie gras. Seared to perfection, bursting with a delicious umami flavor. Beef so soft, juicy, and tender, you will never be able settle for less!

Lobster Dish

Local Seafood

For seafood lovers, we have a fine selection of caviar, uni, hamachi, scallop, shrimp, seabass, and fresh sashimi. Every ingredient is crafted with care to create a medley of flavors for your palate!

Strawberry Ice Cream

Sweet Dessert

Top off your exquisite dinner with our most requested homemade desserts like the deconstructed key lime pie, cookie crumble chocolate mousse cake, or sticky toffee pudding cake smothered with vanilla bean ice cream!


Had the opportunity to experience a five-course meal with Royal Oxen Kitchen. I got to observe Viet and his team preparing the meals in the kitchen...these guys really love what they do and are all smiles while doing it!
From fresh sashimi to the mouth watering waygu beef, it was quite an experience to see all the creativity hard at work.  -
Huyen, San Leandro

Holy smokes. If you need want really high quality wagyu and steaks... you came to the right place. Not only is the chef knowledgeable about his wagyu. But he knows exactly how to prepare you a fine dining meal. The quality of beef is outstanding!! Thank you Royal Oxen Kitchen for showing me the right way to enjoy wagyu !!! Wag-yu thinkin about? Hit them up ! It's a must !  - Wilson, Oakland

Chef Viet was amazing! Family and friends hosted a surprise upscale private dinner before my fiancé and I officially tie the knot. Chef Viet was professional, courteous, outgoing, and went the extra mile. The food was delicious and there was nothing we did not like. The pairings he chose for each plate were beyond words. In addition, his plating presentations were IG worthy. I would highly recommend him for your next private event!  - Jerome, Hayward

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